About us

Neelachal Mining is an Odisha-based Iron and Manganese mining exploration company led by an industry-renowned management team with technical expertise and market experience. Collaboration, Technology, Safety, Innovation are its basic building blocks.  A place where ingenuity, commitment and drive are rewarded. A place where leaders work beside, not above, their teams. A place with a long history supporting an ambitious vision for the future. Neelachal Mining is a member of the Neelachal Group of companies specializing in resource exploration.

Set up in 2013, the company is today among one of the India’s known iron and manganese mining companies and has also made interest into other dolomite mining. All the divisions are accredited with Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Neelachal Mining’s core business is mining. Located in the mineral-rich Barbil-Barajamda belt of Odisha, the company’s calibrated iron ore lump and iron ore fines, with Fe content between 62-66 per cent, are the best quality available in the country. Technological expertise is one of the company’s key strengths, ably supported by its world-class facilities and new generation equipment for dozing of mine faces, formation of benches, drilling, blasting, crushing, sizing and screening of iron ore to required sizes.

Neelachal Mining promotes infrastructure development with extensive investments in ports, rail links, and rolling stock. Value added projects are going to be implemented in recent future for the company growth.  In line with its strategy of diversifying into other minerals and services, Neelachal Mining  has also plan to enter the field of coal and contract coal mining.

Neelachal Mining endeavours to create high value for customers, which is evident in its strong distribution network and customer service. Its focus on R&D has enabled it to attain a global position and reach, and its emphasis on quality has helped it to match global benchmarks in various operational parameters.