Neelachal Mining is recognized worldwide as a leader in the industrial  mining industries.  Our Mission and Vision focus on associate well being, safety, environmental stewardship, product quality and customer service.  Our team oriented management structure provides a challenging and rewarding professional work experience for all associates.

Neelachal Mining is an equal opportunity employer.

Available Positions:

Industrial Maintenance Electrician – Fairwater, WI – fairwater_electrician

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Neelachal Mining three tier compensation plan rewards associates for their skills, abilities, performance and achievements.  In addition to base salary, Achievement Pay awards for individual and team contributions.  Profit Sharing rewards associates for their contribution to the overall success of the company.

Health Benefits
Neelachal Mining cares about the health and well-being of its associates both on and off the job. This is why we offer a complete health care package that  includes, medical, dental, life insurance, disability coverage, and vision care.

Work and Family
Neelachal Mining we understand the importance of work/life balance. We have broken the paradigm that people are educated in their youth, begin work in early adulthood which progress into mature adulthood, and retirement in the later years of life. We have created flexible work options to accommodate an integrated life cycle. As well as, provide time off for family needs, and offer educational opportunities.

Our Quality of Total Life Team offers scholarships for associate’s children, outstanding performance awards, length of service awards, planned social functions and maintains charitable programs.