Employee engagement

We aim to increase public awareness, transparency and provide factual information about the company’s activities and its impact on the communities.

Different groups such as local government units, religious groups, academe, and sectoral groups are invited to visit our exploration, operating and decommissioned sites to see that mining can be done in a more responsible manner.

The company always updates the local government units and the community on the status of our activities and Corporate Social Responsibility programs through informal meetings, public presentations and focus group discussions.

In light of the principle of informed decision-making, Neelachal Mining emphasizes on painting the real picture of a well-managed mining community in Odisha to other states of its host communities through its Mine Tour program.

An effective strategy is the immersion of our community relations officers.  By immersing in the community, they are able to understand their situation better and come up with more practical and sustainable development programs.

Neelachal Mining also educate Odian people on how much responsible mining can contribute to the progress and development of underserved communities in remote provinces. We report how much we have achieved in reforestation, public infrastructure and community development through a series of advertisements and presentations that we have launched.