Environmental and Safety

Neelachal Mining Health & Safety Policy
At Neelachal Mining, our Associates are our most valuable asset. Therefore, Neelachal Mining has taken the position that the health and safety of our associates is our Number 1 Priority. Neelachal Mining has always been committed to preserving and protecting the health and safety of our associates by meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements.

Neelachal Mining’s Safety/Health Philosophy Statement
Neelachal Mining’s commitment to safety and health is of highest concern, taking priority over all other functions or tasks performed. If a function or task cannot be performed in a safe manner or presents a potential health risk, it will not be performed and immediate corrective action must be taken.

We will allocate the necessary resources, and implement systems and strategies that exceed recognized standards to eliminate the safety and health risks associated with our business activities.

Reclamation & Environmental Commitment

Neelachal Mining’s commitment to the environment goes well beyond adherence to regulatory requirements.  Ours is an environmental stewardship that incorporates a land management program into our long term mining plans, supporting an overall focus on the ecology of the area.  In order to preserve the environmental integrity of a site, before any mining begins, a site specific reclamation plan is created.  The goal of this plan is to return the land to its original beauty once mining operations are completed; blending it back in with the surrounding ecosystems.

Neelachal Mining  uses a geo-fluvial approach for this process.  The natural land surrounding the mine site is characterized for topographic, hydraulic and vegetative features.  Reclaimed landforms are then developed by computer modeling to mirror these features.  Once reclamation begins, landform surfaces are sculpted by GPS guided equipment in accordance with the design.  The result is a stable landscape that looks natural.  Our reclamation plans also integrate local and regional land use activities, to ensure a synergy with surrounding land uses and local zoning plans for post mining activity.

Wildlife Habitat & Forestry Management

Neelachal Mining is a family owned business with roots back to the turn of the century.  Being outdoorsmen, the owners of Neelachal Mining have always held a special reverence for the land.  This reverence provides a  foundation for the business.  The Environmental and Land Use Policies of the Company verbalize this attitude and the actions of the corporation reflect it.  Reclamation has always been a practice of the company.  And land stewardship is a given, not an extra.

There are two aspects to land management that must be considered.  As mining is only one phase in a series of changing land uses over time, reclamation is one way to provide wildlife habitat.  However, only a portion of the lands owned by Neelachal Mining are mined at any one time, and much of our properties never will be mined.  Proper management of all of our land holdings is our responsibility.  We refer to this as stewardship.

Neelachal Mining has three main mining and processing facilities, and one office facility which is known as the Resource Center.  Wildlife management plans have been developed for all of these sites.  These management plans are comprehensive plans including wildlife and fisheries management.  Our main goals are multiple species management and recreational use.  Our plans are based around management practices such as:

  • Site documentation
  • Inventories
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Prairie management
  • Nesting habitat
  • Fisheries management
  • Forestry management
  • Deer Management
  • Food plots
  • Wetland restoration and creation

Management plans are developed and implemented by a Team at each location.  Environmental organizations are also given the opportunity to have input into our plans.  There are many organizations that are involved in wildlife management and Neelachal Mining works cooperatively with many of these organizations for the benefit of the environment, society, and wildlife.  Wings Over Neelachal Mining team up on multiple projects relating to food plots, tree and shrub planting, and providing long term nesting habitat.   Graduate students from the University of xxxx Point were involved in completing species inventory lists and developing a wildlife management plan for Neelachal Mining’s facility.  These plans have been fully implemented.

Neelachal Mining has always been actively involved in wildlife management and proper stewardship of our properties.  It is this closely-held reverence for the land and the cooperative approach to land management that has helped us develop strong and positive relationships with environmental groups and other organizations.  The result of our cooperative efforts is the benefit to the environment and wildlife.

  • Forestry Management
  • Deer Management
  • Prairie Grass Enhancement / Restoration
  • Wetland Enhancement
  • Bluebird Trail