Designed to upgrade Iron ores of lower grade to Iron concentrates of saleable grade, the 100% export Oriented Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant  has been substantially contributing to Neelachal exchequer with 100% capacity utilization. The plant has recorded a production of x million tonne  since commissioning in19xx. This has been possible due to addition of a new hydro Cyclone and modification of the Plant.

Neelachal Mining operation and it projects comprise about xx percent of our core assets worldwide. They are serving as a catalyst for national development – bringing information technology, communications, education, technology transfer, human resource development, supply chain, electricity and health to the country. Within our concession areas, Neelachal Mining is working to responsibly operate and develop these mines so they may contribute significantly to local employment and economic growth, as well as improve living conditions. (This is demo texts it will be editied)