On time, in full delivery
Logistics is the key business driver in the iron ore mining industry. To bolster its logistics mix, Neelachal Mining has plan to invest in strategic infrastructure and assets like ports, railway sidings, rail link lines, railway wagons, road construction and maintenance.

At Neelachal Mining, we strongly believe in the principle of On Time, In Full (OTIF) delivery to our customers. We partner with our clients in the steel value chain to deliver on time, every time.

It is our job to work with you to build the tailored solutions that are our principal added value. This is because we have the capability to respond in short order – throughout the continent – moving the material, equipment and people you need to meet the most demanding one-off scenarios.

From exploration through to exporting your ore, we offer you a range of services that leave you free to focus on your core business: on-site support, feasibility studies, port operation scheduling, handling, customs formalities, door-to-door logistics, Q-HSE, resource management, inventory and replenishment, packaging and dispatch, “track and trace” monitoring, precise business reporting and more.

We support you in every phase of your project and cater to all your logistics needs

  • Exploration: by carrying your drilling equipment and taking care of transporting your samples and cores to laboratories anywhere in the world.
  • Feasibility study: by carrying out “road surveys” or logistics studies.
  • Construction: by organising the shipment of materials and equipment for mine construction sourced anywhere in the world to the most remote sites.
  • Operation: when your mine is on stream, we carry all the input, chemicals, supplies and spare parts you need to ensure optimal operation. We can organise procurement from platforms located in consolidation hubs and also manage your inventory on site.
  • Ore exports: we implement customised solutions to ship ore to your customers anywhere in the world.

Our strengths in Mining

  • Commitment by your side in every phase of your project.
  • Experienced resources in the field who know and understand the constraints and demands of the mining sector.
  • A team dedicated to our mining customers, with a Mining director based in Johannesburg, Regional and Local Mining Managers, and mining delegates based in Canada, the USA, and Australia.
  • A “one stop shop” with the capacity to address all your needs, end-to-end.

The efficiency of our organisation, on both global and regional levels, is based on a culture of proximity that is managed day-to-day by dedicated team and account managers.

What makes us so different?

Our ability to address the logistics needs of mining companies at every stage in their project.