The success of our business is tied to the accomplishments and well-being of around our employees and contractors. Our goals are to build a workplace culture that fosters leaders, and to create a workplace that allows every person to thrive, contribute, and grow.

Rewarding Our People

Our leaders realized long ago that to recruit, engage and retain the best people, we must provide the vision of Neelachal Mining as a compelling place to establish a meaningful and robust career with both financial and growth opportunities.  A core component of this is our Total Rewards program, which provides employees with competitive and balanced programs aligned to performance and in support of their long-term career and personal goals.

Neelachal Mining utilizes an above market global compensation philosophy to ensure we have a competitive and consistent compensation position in all locations.  To recognize differences in culture, employee preferences and statutory requirements among regions, most programs are structured and managed locally to meet their specific needs.  Additionally, it is our foundational belief that our people are at the core of our success.  Given this, we feel it is important that employee compensation is directly linked to individual and company performance.  Employees worldwide have the ability to earn significant rewards based on their achievement of personal goals as well as Neelachal Mining achievement of key business measures.

We provide a competitive benefit package to meet the needs of our employees and their families.  Our benefits package includes health and welfare components such as medical, life insurance and disability coverage as well as retirement, holidays and paid time off, recognition awards and development investments.

Developing Our People

Neelachal Mining helps employees grow and develop skills so their careers at Neelachal Mining can be lifelong opportunities. We encourage all employees to share career aspirations, identify key strengths and develop an action plan to achieve goals.  Neelachal Mining also offers opportunities for international assignments and travel, providing the chance to learn and develop a well-balanced global business perspective.

Succession Planning

Our capability to grow depends on our leaders. As generations of leaders retire, we need new minds and hearts to guide Neelachal Mining, and we hope to find that leadership talent from within. Succession planning is the process of identifying the right employees to fill the right jobs at the right time, and it enables Neelachal Mining to sustain a pipeline of talent. Developing successors involves accelerating the readiness of key people through focused and aggressive development within their function as well as across other business functions.

Leadership Pipeline

Our Neelachal Mining Leadership Pipeline supports the establishment of a high-performance business environment where employee development and business results are clearly aligned. Through this framework, we set performance expectations and ensure the right work is completed at the right level. To drive innovation, Neelachal Mining also offers a Technical Sciences Path, applied to select roles within the areas of engineering, geosciences, metallurgy and environmental sciences.

Training and Development

Neelachal Mining stays ahead of competition and drives innovation by providing employees with the knowledge and skills to succeed. We invest in creating, facilitating and sponsoring a variety of development opportunities for our work force. This can include coaching, mentoring and formal training – classroom and on-the-job training are used in combination to provide the most effective learning experiences.

We offer specialized training in such areas as mine rescue, mine engineering, handling hazardous materials and environmental management to equip those working in these fields to protect human health and the environment.

Performance Management

Our performance management processes assess team and individual performance at all levels, ensuring achievement of business goals and objectives. All of our employees and managers work together to define key performance goals each year, monitor and track performance against business, team and individual goals throughout the year, and formally review performance at midyear and year-end.