Our Vision

Focusing on the Ultimate Goal

Processes and systems alone will not create a safe work environment. Individuals have to take personal responsibility for ensuring their workplaces are safe if everyone is going to return home safe, every day.

“Whenever an employee dies, the loss that is felt by surviving family members and friends is shared throughout Neelachal Mining and the community,” . “It has such a strong ripple effect. It reminds us that each of us must take personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of our co-workers.”

Those ripples are why Neelachal Mining Safety Journey became personal this year with “My Safety Journey.” During the first quarter, safety leaders from Operations and Exploration gathered together at four regional safety summits.

The interactive summits were designed to integrate our Safety Taskforce’s recommendations into the My Safety Journey program, and included line managers, contractors and executive management. Safety Ambassadors representing Neelachal Mining, Mine Operations, Maintenance and Contractors planned and facilitated the summits.

Additionally, the summits focused on helping attendees discover and understand “Safety Leadership and Accountability” by providing practical skills and tactics. Attendees examined how a safety leader should behave. Ambassadors also discussed the unspoken barriers – the “elephants in the room” – that prevent people from speaking up about unsafe behaviors.

The Next Step in the Journey

Every employee and a number of our contractors will have had the opportunity to participate in a My Safety Journey workshop during 2014. Each of them will make a personal commitment to safety and actions he or she will take. Many of our mine site teams also will begin to work on action plans based upon the findings of the Safety Taskforce.

“Our vision is to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries for our business, and we must be relentless in pursuing this goal,” said Satyapriya Jayasingh, president and CEO. “I know we can do it. We have plenty of days – and weeks – where no one gets hurt. If we can do it for a day or a week, we can do it every day.”