proud Puritanical traditions

The complaint further alleges that Arista falsely and misleadingly stated in numerous public filings with the Commission beginning with a September 10, 2012 Form 8 K that the financing came from a line of credit with a third party lender. Kolokouris, Schmitz and Hughes created internal Arista documentation designed to give the false appearance that Arista’s disclosures were consistent with internal corporate records. Lastly, the SEC alleges that Kolokouris and various Kolokouris family members violated Regulation M by purchasing shares while engaged in a distribution of Arista stock..

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A logical firewall can have filtering content like a subnet, or an IP address, or a port. The firewall controls access by controlling what traffic can enter the system. If based on subnets, then any traffic associated with the network designated with a network number and subnet mask, for instance /, would be rejected..

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